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Types of Services

Below you can gain more information about the services provided.

The therapeutic process is focused on compassion, the working relationship, and an ethical approach to achieving your personal goals.

CCPT a non-directive play therapy that allows the child to communication through their language of play in a safe and supportive environment.

When a person experiences trauma or negative events the information can be stored as interrupted/incomplete in the brain. EMDR allows the person to complete the process, and “reprocess” the memory until it no longer causes distress or impairment.

Yoga can be beneficial to physical health, and aids in mental health healing as well. Yoga can help improve mood, manage stress levels, improve sleep hygiene and promote better self-care, eating habits and overall lifestyle improvements. Yoga can be incorporated into a mental health session or a stand alone private pay service.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that assists in the betterment of an individual's physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Reiki can assist in balancing emotions, and lowering stress and anxiety. Reiki can be incorporated into a mental health session or stand alone as a private pay service.

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